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Published in: 09/01/2023

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The tournament for amateur and sport fishermen returns with more than BRL 50,000 in prizes, divided into several categories and three species: sea bass, peacock bass and traíra. 

Between September 1st and 14th, the second edition of the APARD Mid Doce River Sport Fishing Tournament will take place. The competition will be in the region between Cachoeira Escura (Perpétuo Socorro) and the dam of the UHE Aimorés and in the lakes of the UHEs Baguari and Aimorés, not being allowed to fish in the tributaries. 

Competitors must register through the official tournament websites and must present a valid amateur/sport fishing license. The dispute will follow the catch and release model, and the competitors must prove the fish caught through videos that must be recorded during the day, using the official tournament ruler to prove the size of the fish, together with the footage of the release of the fish. The competition scores only the catches of the following animals: peacock bass, sea bass and traíras. 


 The objective of the event is to publicize the tourist potential linked to sport fishing activity in the mid Doce River region, as a means of local development and encourage the practice of sport fishing through the promotion of leisure and recreation, integration and environmental education. Together with the tournament, actions focused on children and the local community that will host the event will be developed. 





The winners will be announced by the uation committee on


 September 16th, starting at 5 pm, at Garfo Clube (Av, Rio Doce, 4100, Ilha dos Araújos, Governador Valadares – MG). There will be trophies in the categories of largest sea bass, traíra and peacock bass, and dozens of prizes for whoever presents the highest number in the sum of centimeters of the fish presented by video to the uation committee.  



How to participate 

Sign up for free online through the websites (https://www.joekrut.com/) and (https://www.tuerkgay.com). Participants will be able to pick up the competition kit (official ruler and shirt) and validate their registration from September 1st by delivering 5Kg of non-perishable food, at the following locations: Timburé Camping and Fishing shop, at the APARD Headquarters and at the Tourist Information Center (GVCit) of the Secretariat of Tourism.  


Get access to the regulation and more information through the official channels of the event:  

Whatsapp (27) 99693-3290 | e-mail: joekrut.com@gmail.com | Instagram: @torneiomedioriodoce 


Realization: Renova Foundation and APARD – Association of Fishermen and Friends of Doce River. 

Support:  City Hall of Governador Valadares

Organization: Igarapesca 


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