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Published in: 09/01/2023

Collection provides stories and memories of the communities affected by the Fundao dam collapse 

Have you heard about the Technical Information Center (TIC)? The TIC is a collective space, of participatory construction, which provides access to knowledge about the Fundao dam collapse and the socio-environmental reparation process carried out. The initiative brings together academic research, technical studies and population memories related to the theme. 

Through initiatives such as the TIC, affected communities, as well as society in general, are able to recover memories and access knowledge produced in various areas, generating an important collection of information.  




History one click away 

The TIC makes available an independent collaborative digital collection, with stories from communities in the Doce river basin, in addition to records on the reparation process in the affected regions. The content is divided into collections, such as “Records of the Territory Affected”, “Technical Documents” and “Academic Studies”, with features that ensure participatory construction.  

Knowledge and memory 

The Trail of Memories is one of the projects that generates a collection for TIC. Through participatory workshops, residents are invited to take on the role of narrating stories and memories by producing texts, arts and media. The action reaches its third round this August and will pass through five mining communities: Pedra Corrida (Periquito); Cachoeira Escura (Belo Oriente); Tumiritinga, Aimorés and Governador Valadares. To learn more about the work generated by the first editions of the Trail of Memories, access the TIC interactive platform by clicking here

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