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Published in: 07/27/2021

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Individualized training will be offered to around 150 entrepreneurs to strengthen local businesses

As of May, vendors in the districts of Regencia and Povoaçao, and those located on Beira-Rio Avenue, in Linhares (ES), are going to receive consultancy for the strengthening of local businesses.

The project is an initiative of the Renova Foundation in partnership with the Euvaldo Lodi Institute (IEL) to support small formal and informal businesses impacted by the Fundao dam collapse and which are located in Linhares, as defined in clauses 132 and 133 of the Transaction and Conduct Adjustment Agreement (TTAC).

As of May 18, IEL representatives started to contact the entrepreneurs remotely to present the consultancy proposal. About 150 vendors from the three locations are eligible for consultancy. It is expected that the individualized consulting process will be carried out in four stages and will have a total duration of five months.

“Through consulting, entrepreneurs will be able to train themselves to implement improvements aimed at developing their business, to contribute to the resumption of regional development,” says Kadio Serge Aristide, Socioeconomic Programs analyst at the Renova Foundation.


First of all, the person responsible for the business joins the project by completing and signing the agreement. After that, an initial diagnosis is made of the main needs for managing and organizing the participating company and the results to be recovered to boost the business. 

Then, the consultancy will offer remote and face-to-face training in management, planning, sales, customer service, digital marketing, and financial organization. A total of 16 hours of video classes and 44 individual consulting hours will be available per company.

During the development of the project, there will be continuous guidance of the entrepreneurs and their businesses. Finally, an impact assessment will be carried out to verify the results achieved.

In case of any doubts or concerns, the entrepreneur can reach us on phone/WhatsApp +55 (31) 99761-2785.


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