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Renova Foundation starts its last campaign of affected parties’ registration

Published in: 12/05/2017

Registration of Impacted Parties , Cadastro de Impactados

The estimate is to reach about 8 thousand new requests by December 31

To finalize the collection of information regarding the direct losses of material goods and losses to economic activities caused by the collapse of the Fundao dam, the Renova Foundation holds the third and last Integrated Registration campaign. The estimate is to reach approximately 8 thousand new registration requests that, after processing, will increase the total of the entire registration process to about 30 thousand entries.

For all those who requested registration, Renova will contact you again by January 31, 2018.

For all those who requested registration, Renova will contact you again by January 31, 2018. | Photo: Released

To register, the interested party must initiate the process through the Renova customer service channels. They can be reached by calling 0800 031 2303 or at the Information and Service Centers located throughout the area where the Renova Foundation is operating.

Registration is for those whose material goods were directly damaged or who suffered losses in economic activities, caused by death or disappearance of relatives of different degrees of kinship or of persons with whom they were living together and/or had a relationship and depended on economically; loss of sources of income, work or subsistence on which one depends economically, all due to the rupture of the link with affected areas; proven loss of areas for fishing, resources and extraction activities, making the extractive or productive activity unfeasible; loss of productive capacity or viability of use of property or part thereof, and others.

The steps of the registration process include the analysis of who should participate (checklist); indexing of georeferenced properties (process of visiting properties to mark a GPS point (latitude and longitude) of said locations; mobilization; interviews; release of completed form; validation of the form by the families and referral of each case to the repair programs.

The service to the families is individualized and can vary from indemnification and the receipt of financial aid, when applicable, to collective actions aimed at the different impacted sectors. The services are not exclusive, that is, the same family can be served in different requests.

Some specific situations do not need to be registered. These are the cases of people who lost recreational areas, had their water supply interrupted (compensated by the Mediated Indemnity Program), suffered physical or mental health damage, moral damage and damage to Quilombola and indigenous peoples. The service centers refer these cases directly to the programs that specifically deal with these repair processes.

Everyone who opened a call for registration, will be contacted by Renova to follow up on their request. If the requestor does not receive any confirmation, it can contact the communication centers to check the situation.

The follow up with the interested parties, that is, those who requested registration between April 1 and December 31 of this year, is expected to end on June 30, 2018.

Up to September this year, more than 23,000 entries were registered. About R$ 500 million in indemnities and financial aid were paid since Renova was founded.

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